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Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Auckland Provincials

The weekend was very successful, the weather gods smiling brightly on the Waitemata Clay Target Club.  Targets were presented, generally speaking, very well with a few minor trap issues.  

The club members had a working bee two weeks before the Provincials, and the club looked a picture postcard.  

Thanks to all those who travelled far and wide to come to the Auckland Provincials and overall the standard of shooting was extremely high.

Groups arrived from as far away as Southland, Christchurch, West Coast, Wellington, Manawatu/Rangitikei, Hawkes Bay, Rotorua and Thames amongst other places. 

First was Skeet.  A total of 7 possibles led to a shoot off which went one full round before being taken out by the Southland member Lindsay Rodgers over Dean Everett from Waikato.  Second in the A-Grade was Don McBeath and third was Brian Hartley.  Brian Webber took out B-Grade with a possible, followed in second by Malcolm Jackson and third by Mark Reid.  C-Grade was well competed with Jamie Carne from Hutt Valley taking out first spot, Hainee Musgrove in second and Rob Luke in third.  Ladies was taken out by Rebecca Searle, Juniors by James Fulford and Veterans by Brian Webber.  

Two person team was the Southland team of Lindsay Rodgers and Michael Dobbie.

Five person team was taken out by the Putaruru team of Lindsay Stephenson, John Waldon, Brian Deadman, Peter Goodwin and Dave Wordley.  

Next on the cards was Minis, HOA being taken out by Peter Goodwin, first in A Grade Laurie Coppins, second Hamish Holland and third Stuart Sutherland.  B Grade was taken out by Jamie Carne, second by Grahame Powell and third by Stefan Weston.  Justin Caldwell Smith took out first in C Grade, followed in second by Josh Flaherty and third by Deborah Pritchard from Bay of Plenty.  Ladies was taken out by Anja van de Wetering, Juniors by Mason Reed and Veterans by Laurie Coppins.

Following Minis was the Double Rise where Stuart Sutherland from Southland was HOA.  First in A Grade was Paul Black, second Mark Johnston and third Martin van de Wetering.  First in B Grade was Ian Lindsay from Rotorua, second Brian Smith from Dannevirke, third Jamie Carne from Hutt Valley.  First in C Grade was Justin Caldwell-Smith, second Josh Flaherty, third Rob Drage (only been shooting for 3 months).  The winner of the Ladies was Anja van de Wetering, winner of Juniors was Hainee Musgrove and Veterans was taken out by Laurie Coppins.

The final event of the day was the Single Rise with 37 possibles being shot.  The HOA was taken out by the ever consistent Jon Beddis.  First in A Grade was Stuart Sutherland, second Colin Weyhorn and third Laurie Coppins.  First in B Grade after shoot off was Richard Worker, second Ron Thompson and third Rob Luke.  First in C Grade was Josh Flaherty, second Deborah Pritchard and third Robert Drage.  Ladies was taken out by Anja van de Wetering, Juniors by Mason Reed and Veterans by the ever consistent Laurie Coppins.  

The shoot offs for Single Rise was actually shot on Sunday morning following an early start as twilight caught up with us the night before and the shoot off was postponed to the next morning.

Sunday 25 August 2013 
Lying in bed listening to the torrential rain with thunder and lightning led many to wonder whether or not we would ever take the field on Sunday.  However the hardy souls turned up and again a very good turnout bearing in mind what the weather was threatening to do.  

Upon arrival, the day cleared somewhat and the rest of the day saw patches of rain with very little wind and great targets being thrown.  

First event was Triples with HOA being taken out by Jon Beddis.  First in A Grade was Mark Fagan, second Hamish Holland and third Hainee Musgrove.  First in B Grade was Ron Thompson, second Ian Lindsay and third Richard Worker.  First in C Grade was Josh Flaherty, second Colin Pearson and third Justin Caldwell-Smith.  First in Ladies was Rebecca Searle of Gorge Road Club in Southland, Juniors was taken out by Hainee Musgrove and Veterans by Ian Marshall.

Next on the cards was Points Score which resulted in 6 possibles which went to a shoot off.  HOA was taken out by Laurie Coppins.  First in A Grade was Ian Hovenden, second Grant Nixon and third Max Matsell.  First in B Grade following the shoot off for HOA was Richard Worker, followed second by Noel Cherry and third by Todd Jacobs.  First in C Grade was Josh Flaherty, second Deborah Pritchard and third Justin Caldwell-Smith.  Ladies was taken out by Anja van de Wetering, Juniors by James Fulford and Veterans by Laurie Coppins.  The Club Team was taken out by the Waitemata Team of Laurie Coppins, Andy Young, Ian Hovenden and Mason Reed.  

The third and final event on the cards was the Single Barrel which saw 6 possibles.  The HOA was taken out by Gary Discombe.  First in A Grade was Laurie Coppins, second Mark Fagan and third Grant Nixon.  B Grade was won by Brian Smith, second by Rob Luke and third by Ron Thompson.  C Grade was won by Deborah Pritchard, followed by Josh Flaherty and third Justin Caldwell-Smith.  Ladies was taken out by Deborah Pritchard, Juniors by Thomas Dowling and Veterans once again by the steady Laurie Coppins.

In the High Gun, the HOA was taken out by Stuart Sutherland from Southland making the long trek north worthwhile.  A Grade went to Jon Beddis, B Grade to Stefan Weston and C Grade to Josh Flaherty.  Ladies went to Anja van de Wetering, Junior to James Fulford and Veterans, after extraordinarily consistent and steady shooting, to Laurie Coppins.

Overall the weekend went exceptionally well.  Many thanks to the hard working office staff, the caterers and those members of the club who gave up their time to keep shooters moving and the traps working.  And of course thanks to all the shooters for attending.  

View the Results Table [pdf]

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Tony Brogden off to Italy to defend his World No. 1 ranking in Olympic Trap

Our manager Tony Brogden is off to Italy shortly to defend his World No. 1 ranking in Olympic Trap (Disabled Sitting) and we wish him all the very best of luck.
We as a club are extremely proud of Tony and his achievements and below is a brief overview from Tony.
Go Tony and make us proud once more.
Tony says:

I  started shooting clay's some thirty years ago, after a serious motorcycle accident, which left me paraplegic from the chest down.

It has taken a lot of time and patience to achieve a technique that allows him to shoot competitively over the years.

I have  now achieved  A Grade in all disciplines except for ISSF Skeet.

I can still remember winning my first Provincial Championship (Sparrows) as a B.Grader back in 1984.

At the moment I am concentrating on my next trip to Italy on the 19th August to defend my World #1 status in Olympic Trap, which I have held since 2011.
The IPC and ISSF delegates will be at this event.
There is a great movement in Europe to get the sport of Olympic Trap into the Paralympics.  I have put a lot of effort into paving the way for future shooters.


2011-2012     World No1.  Olympic Trap (Disabled Sitting)
2009-2011     New Zealand High Gun (Disabled)
2008               Member of the New Zealand Open team World DTL Ireland
2007               Member of the McIntosh DTL Open team
2005               Oceania Olympic Trap and Double Trap (Disabled)

5 x Provincial Championships
167 x Club Championships
12 x New Zealand Grade and Category Championships.